Why We Love Prima Donna

We love bras!! But most of all, we love our Prima Donna bras! Why? Prima Donna has been and still is one of the world’s top bra lines for many years.

Originating out of Belgium, they maintain a high level of expertise in fabric, fit and style. It’s like comparing a Volkswagen to a Cadillac…they are supreme when it comes to design and overall quality. Madison, which is one of their bra groups, has been our # 1 selling bra for the past 3 years or more.

Women who try it for the first time are so amazed and surprised by how good it not only looks but feels. It is our absolute favorite “go to” bra! We love the fact that it also comes out in new colors for a season, so our customers get to add some variety to their basic collection of Madison!

Why don’t you come in and see what we mean? Try it and feel the difference!
You can be a “Prima Donna” girl!!