Bra Care - New Beginnings Intimate Apparel - Brandon, Manitoba

Bra Care

Congratulations on your new bra wardrobe!  We know you love your bras and they deserved to be pampered! May we suggest…

Do not wear your bra more than 3 days in a row. Give it “rest time” to last longer.

Do not wash in machine (too hard on wires and fabric).

Hand wash in fabric wash such as Eucalan or Forever New to sustain fabric, lace, etc.

Do not wring out the cups on padded bras (may cause wrinkling), blot with a towel.

Hang or lay bras flat to dry.

Consider having at least 3 to 5 bras so you can rotate wear and make them last longer.

No washer or dryer, it will reduce the life of your bra resulting in a bad bra day!

We recommend using either of these two products to hand wash your bras and other lingerie. These products will help sustain the fabric and is easy on the lace. If you have any questions about caring for your new bras please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form.

How to Store Your Bras!

A great way to store a seamed bra without padding can be folded and stored in a drawer. We suggest that padded bras be laid inside each other allowing the pads to stay smooth and full.