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Our Story

In May of 1982 I embarked on a journey, not sure where it would take me, or for how long, but I knew the desire in my heart, and I was passionate about it.

I knew there was a great need for women to be fit properly in bras, but I didn’t fully understand how great it was until I became aware of the statistics that stated 80% of women were wearing the wrong bra size. I needed to know why this was happening, and what the effects were from not been properly fit. That is when I began to search out the facts that poor fitting bras could not only cause, neck, back, and shoulder pain, but also affect posture, and the whole emotional being as well. I decided that I needed to do something about it, so that is when my business was born. I had a mission…wanting women to feel good about themselves, one bra at a time…

Since then, my passion and desire has grown to not only fit women properly, but educate as well. We are not just about the fit, but the knowledge, and the well being of how a woman can look and feel good about themselves.
I was beginning to get requests about mastectomy fittings, so in 1990 I became a Certified Mastectomy Consultant. Without a doubt, one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences I have ever encountered, and I am so thankful for all the wonderful and beautiful women I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. I have learned a lot through them, and gained special friendships I will always cherish.

Through the years, I have moved my business a few times, but since the last 8 years we are now in what I call my “Dream Store”. I wanted to have a place that expressed beauty, and now with our “Parisian Theme” store, we believe we have it. With a beautiful mural encompassing the top of the store, and all our fabulous collections of bras, and other merchandise, we are definitely a bra store with more!

It is truly a blessing to do something you love and are passionate about, and this is definitely something I treasure and enjoy. We still have so much to do, and are always growing and learning. The best is yet to come! We look forward to serving you, and showing you your “new beginning”