Suit Up For Summer

Summer is almost here, and time for swim! Whether you go on a holiday, swim at the lake, relax in a hot tub, take lessons in a pool, there are things to consider when wearing swimwear...

  1. Chlorine is a swimsuits worst enemy! It will eat the nylon spandex in the fabric, along with possible fading..Different levels of chlorine are worse than others. DO NOT only rinse your suit with water. It WILL NOT take out chlorine. You need a specific fabric to do this. DO NOT dry in the sun as it will fade!
  2. Be aware of the fact that a swimsuit takes more abuse than any other garment… sun tan oil, salt, friction from water slides, and sitting on cement patios, all affect the wear of the suit. If you do not rinse out your suit after each wear, there could definitely be some major elasticity loss resulting in stretching.
  3. Be kind to your swimwear.. have at least 2-3 suits so you are not wearing the same one for all activities.
We carry swimwear all year, and have a great selection of cup sized and underwire styles, both in bra tops, tankinis and one pieces.
We carry fabric wash as well, to keep your suit lasting and looking great!

Suit Up, and have fun!