Firing Up For Fall

We see changes happening, air is getting cooler, leaves are starting to change...personally, my favourite time of the year!

Love the crisp air, the gorgeous fall colors, and no more bugs!!  And wow, have we got some great things happening at the store this season! A hot new line from Vancouver, called Paper Label, is all about comfort ranging in styles from long cardis to be worn over everything from jeans to leggings. Fashionable sweat pants, leggings, and tops, all designed to worn at home, for travel, or out and about. Perfect for our busy lifestyles! 

New bra styles are arriving from our top bra line Prima Donna. Absolutely stunning!There are also great new styles from Freya and Fantasie as well this season, colors ranging from new gentle peach tones to dramatic black. Empreinte is showing a new rosy taupe style with burgundy lace and also a teal blue..very exquisite! 

And don’t forget our swimwear! New styles are starting to arrive in Sep., as well as coverups for those hot winter trips being planned.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram, as we are starting to showcase new arrivals as they come in!!  Or contact us for more info!