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Dealing with Loss

On June 21 of this year, we had to say goodbye to one our beloved pups Zaki who was 16 yrs. old.

Even though he was 16, he was still doing ok, but I could see that he was getting tired, and his energy level was going. He wasn’t interested in food so much, and it was hard to see him not eat.

On that day, he just gave me a look that said..”Mom, I am ready to go”, and although my heart sank, I knew he was. And I knew God knew as well. I felt the sadness, but also the peace that God gave me helped me endure the letting go. Before the vet came to the house, we had prayed together with Zaki, and gave him to God. After the vet left, there was also a release and a joy, knowing my little guy was up in Heaven, playing with all his brothers  and sisters and running like the wind…

Of course, the hurt and sadness are there, as so many memories of those 16 yrs. flood my mind and heart. But I am so grateful for God’s peace that sustains me and helps me get through the painful time. He gave me Zaki to love, and enjoy, and I wouldn’t have those memories if that didn’t happen. Do I want another dog? Absolutely!  I know God has the perfect one, at the perfect time, and I will once again have the joy of loving one of God’s beautiful creations! 

John 14:27 – Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.